'Science is hopeful...I believe in the power of compassion'

Dr Nadine Burke-Harris is a globally renowned champion of breaking traumatic cycles of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) – her TED talk alone has had over six million views.  It as an honour to meet her at the inspirational Glasgow conference in September 2018 on making Scotland the world’s first ACE-aware nation.  Themes of hope and compassion ran through the whole event and it ended with a rallying cry from Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, one of the conference organisers, about a movement for change will need to do:

· Overcome normality with curiosity

· Overcome complacency with urgency

· Overcome shame with forgiveness and self-forgiveness

· Overcome relying on the evidence with courage to think about and act on the evidence

· Overcome ‘them and us’ with ‘us’. 

For more information watch Dr Nadine Burke-Harris's TEDTalk - How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime





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