#ReachOut during COVID-19: Supporting a mum to understand feelings behind behaviour

This is the second in our series of #ReachOut blog posts during COVID-19. Our For Baby’s Sake Practitioners continue to support families, learning and developing how we can still deliver front line work through technology.

During a Video Interactive Guidance (VIG) session with a mum our For Baby’s Sake Practitioner was able to open up a discussion around the feelings of all her children, they write: 'Yesterday I completed a VIG review session over FaceTime, the unusual circumstances didn’t interfere with the session or the reviewing of the VIG, we were both able to see each other and the clips. In one of the clips, mum noted that she asked her baby if she was tired, this led to a conversation around identifying, acknowledging and naming feelings.  She told me that she is giving her older two children more opportunities to talk about their feelings since engaging with For Baby’s Sake.  She gave an example of how she had noted her son was angry, named the feeling and tried to have a conversation with him about it. I built on this explaining that anger is often a cover up for another feeling. Mum noted that the anger may have come from him being frustrated with a game he had been given that didn’t have instructions with it. She agreed that knowing the feeling behind a behaviour made it easier to understand and deal with it positively.'




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