Parental Relationships Spectrum - a new tool for professionals

How to distinguish between a conflictual and abusive relationship between parents?Professionals working with parents and families are increasingly encouraged to consider the parental relationship as a factor affecting family life and the wellbeing of children.  The Foundation has used its learning from taking a whole family approach to devise a Parental Relationships Spectrum.  This tool supports professionals in their conversations with parents, to help ascertain whether the inter-parental relationship is healthy, conflictual or violent and abusive.  The spectrum includes insights to help determine if the relationship is coercive and controlling.

Two versions of the spectrum have been created – a generic one which can be used nation-wide and a specific one developed with our partners in Hertfordshire, with signposting to local services and referral pathways that could be appropriate.

The generic tool is attracting interest from central government and professionals working within local services across the country. To register for free resources click here.



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