Catching the Wave of Attunement

Judith Rees, Director of For Baby's Sake, along with Becca Butterworth and Nicole Thangarajah, two For Baby's Sake Practitioners, visited the AVIGuk International Conference in sunny Newquay. The conference focused on enhancing relationships in families and on the VIG reflective process, not only directly with families but also within organisations. The conference was attended by over 260 delegates.

For Baby's Sake presented a poster describing the VIG (Video Interaction Guidance) work carried out by For Baby's Sake practitioners. For Baby’s Sake works with co-parents, whether or not they are together as a couple, from pregnancy until their baby is two. The programme uses a unique, three-way approach, delivered by Practitioners who are highly trained to work therapeutically to achieve change, whilst remaining non-collusive to manage any risks.

There was interest from conference delegates in the mixture of techniques and therapeutic models used within the strength-based approach of For Baby's Sake which, alongside VIG, uses including Motivational Interviewing, and elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic,Transactional Analysis and Gestalt therapeutic models. The therapeutic core of the programme is the Inner Child module where parents can explore their own childhoods, understand what “good enough” child/parent relationships look like and how a lack of attachment-focused parenting can lead to unresolved trauma, negatively impacting future relationships, behaviours and potential.

For Baby’s Sake empowers parents to take responsibility for their own lives and for their baby’s emotional, social and physical development, facilitated by Video Interaction Guidance early in the post-natal period.

For Baby's Sake presented a poster which can be viewed on the AVIGuk website by clicking here- AVIGuk



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