We help expectant parents to reconcile their own childhood trauma and adverse  experiences so that they are empowered to break the cycle of domestic abuse and provide their baby with the best  possible start in life. 

We campaign and share best practice so that the needs of babies and young children who are affected or at risk of domestic abuse are paramount in public policy and domestic abuse intervention strategies.


The For Baby’s Sake Trust




Trauma in infancy devastates lives. Left unresolved , it can distress future generations and lead to dysfunctional relationships, domestic abuse and more damaged children and families. It means desperately stretched public services are left to pick up the pieces time and time again, using precious resources to manage the fall-out rather than being given the support to tackle the root causes.

Around 1 in 5 children in the UK experience domestic abuse, often when they are still in the womb

Children exposed to domestic violence are significantly more likely to be abusive or experience abuse in their adult relationships, creating a cycle of trauma 

Exposure to domestic abuse in the first 1001 days of life, can physically alter a baby’s brain chemistry and development: affecting cognitive, emotional and physical development

From broken to unbreakable :

Helping parents to heal from their own childhood trauma and adversity in a safe non-judgemental space helps to build personal resilience, confident and secure relationships that improve mental and physical wellbeing and better life chances for them and their children. 

The For Baby’s Sake Trust believes that hurt people, hurt people, and in order to break the cycle of generational domestic abuse we can address the root causes through :

  • A whole-family approach with individual therapeutic support for parents whether or not they are a couple before, after or during the programme.


  • Consistent support during the critical first 1001 days of their child’s life. 


  • Empowering parents with the confidence and skills to care for and build loving relationships with their baby.

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