Breaking the cycle of domestic abuse and giving babies the best start

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Domestic abuse can devastate lives for generations. We work with the whole family, starting in pregnancy, and addressing the pain and trauma at the root of the problems. Your support can make a real difference to families now and for generations to come.

For Baby’s Sake

Our innovative programme of therapeutic support is an evidence based response to domestic abuse, trauma and what babies need from conception to age two (1001 days). For Baby’s Sake empowers expectant parents to make changes that last, for themselves and their baby.

Driving system change

We inspire progress in policy and practice by sharing our pioneering learning and resources. 

We promote intergenerational intervention during the precious time when babies’ brains are developing and parents are motivated to break cycles of domestic abuse and related adversities.

1 in 5

Around 1 in 5 children in the UK experience domestic abuse, often when still in the womb.

1001 days

Exposure to domestic abuse in the first 1001 days of life affects a child’s IQ, emotional & physical development.

The risk

Children exposed to domestic abuse are more likely to experience abuse or be abusive as adults.

FEatured news

For Baby’s Sake wins prestigious award

The Centre for Justice Innovation has awarded the Nick Crichton Award for Family Justice for 2021 to For Baby’s Sake, the programme created by The For Baby’s Sake Trust to break cycles of domestic abuse and give babies the best start in life.


For Baby’s Sake CONNECT

Launched in Spring 2021, For Baby’s Sake CONNECT works with families using video and audio calls, as an innovative way to extend delivery of our programme to places without a dedicated local area team.

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